How to close pores

The situation for having open pores is not a big problem among many people but the risk factors involving it can be harmful, especially in the presence of infection. The skin infection from open pores could either be simple acne, or a pimple. Sometimes it can become a boil when left untreated at its worst symptoms.

How to treat an open pore?

Treating open pores are easy to perform, but the question is how to properly do it. Many people thought that they had treated their pore properly by applying many beauty products. Many also think that by removing their pimples is also same as removing the dirt that got stuck in their skin. But most of this faulty skin care practices that somehow result into unfavourable effects like worsening the skin problem to the extent that an antibiotic is needed to be taken in order to treat it.

Another common practice is squeezing out the oil inside the pore. Many believe that by doing this actually removes the dirt inside their pores, but the truth is it left it open. More dirt can enter into the pores and the worst is it can turn into an infected pimple after some days.

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How to close poresThere are different ways to on how to close the pores. The old fashion use of cool water for rinsing the face after applying facial cleanser is mostly practiced and is effective. Facial scrubbing is a way on how to get rid of blackheads easier. We have in our shop the facial cleanser and facial scrub solutions if you prefer not to make one. We also have readymade facial mask that can remove the blackheads. With the use of warm water, it opens the pores and using a homemade facial scrub or a readymade facial scrub, you must gently massage it on the face in circular motion. Rinse well with cool water afterward and pat the face with a soft towel. The ways on how to close your pores on your nose has also similar practice to removing blackheads and also using cool water in rinsing the skin.

How to close the skin pores after shaving and waxing?

Skin waxing and skin shaving have different purpose and that is to remove the hair on the skin. They have different process and effects. Skin shaving removes only the surface hair. Skin waxing removes the entire hair including the hair follicle. In doing this, astringent that is formulated with antiseptic effect must be rubbed into the skin using a cotton ball before shaving to remove micro-organisms. The best way on how to close your pores after shaving is applying ice on the shaven skin to close the pores. You can also use anti-inflammatory creams from our shop. The process on how to close your pores after waxing is also the same. But needs more attention since removing hair follicles, can open the pores.

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