Infected pore

This type of infection that happens on skin pores is very common among people with oily face. Too much oil production on the face may attract dirt to enter the pores. Usually these skin pores tend to be large enough to let microorganism get through it.

What are the signs and symptoms of clogged pore?

A clogged pore contains microorganisms and oil. It is usually mistaken as an acne because of its characteristic similar an acne that there is a zit or infected patch that is present o the skin’s surface. The acne is usually inflamed compared to a clogged pore. A clogged pore gets swollen and red when squeezed, irritated, or ignored for a long time. It has also same characteristics like white heads.

The usual signs of a clogged pore involves redness, swelling, infected patches on the face, and pus. The infected pore symptom includes pain on the pore area, and sometimes itchiness. The pain felt on the pore that has been infected was caused by sensory effect caused by inflammation. Pressure inside the pore develops after pus, fluids, and other debris get stuck inside it as result of an inflammatory response to skin infection.

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Infected poreInfected pore on nose is most common among all the sites where pores tend to be bigger. This is usually present among teenagers and other people with acne. Teenagers tend to get oily face, because of hormonal changes, especially the increased levels of testosterone during the occurrence of male puberty.

Infected pore on chin is common among men with oily face. But there are many cases that also occur among men even if they don’t have oily face. This happens because men shave their chins for the presence of beards. After shaving, the pores on the chin open and bacteria will get in. Especially, when there is the presence of irritation caused by some abrasions from the razor or irritation that came from the shaving cream used.

The infected pore on inner thigh is the least common among the pore infections. It happens when a hair is accidentally removed and became inflamed from microorganisms, irritation from cleaning agents, beauty products, and other skin products applied to the skin.

How to treat an infected pore?

The infected pore treatment is available in many shops that sell beauty and healthcare products. In our shop, we have skin care treatments that will help you get rid of your clogged pores. These skin cleaning agents will help remove excess oil and dirt in your skin and will also clear out your pores. We also have agents that can minimize the inflammation of your pores and can also help in closing those pores of yours. It also removes white heads, blackheads, and acnes at the same time. We also have facial masks that can remove those blackheads and white heads. Our skin care products are formulated to clean your face without irritating it.

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