Large pores on nose

Pores are everywhere in our body, they are small opening in the skin that absorbs the important oil that moisturizes and hydrates our skin. Pores are important in keeping the skin free from impurities It is an opening in the skin to be able to breathe. Large pores on face could be very discouraging for some people, it can cause bacteria that cause blackheads and pimples. Every hair on the body corresponds to a skin pore. It plays a role in the production and growth of hair strands.

Causes of Large pores on Nose

If our skin produces too much oil it would  become red and swollen that would cause acne. When you squeeze make sure your hand are clean or else you will get a shrink large pores nose. Large pores on nose causes  your skin to get clogged easily. It would be easier for the bacteria to enter your skin leaving your skin vulnerable. It can cause you inconvenience, and you have to either cover it up or treat it.

Aging is one main cause of getting large pores on the nose. When you get older the production of  an important protein called elastin begins to slow, it is important for providing the skin the ability to stretch. Drooping skin  is the state when there is less elastin on the skin and results for the skin to stretch out making the pores look larger. Over exposure to Sun’s ultraviolet radiation can also contribute to enlarge pores.

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Acne whiteheads and blackheads or also known as Comedones also one of the factor to enlarge pores. It builds pressure behind the pores making it look larger. Also, Hygiene plays a vital role in enlarged pores. Dead skin cells and too much oil can build on the face if left unwashed for a long period of time. These particles can build up around the pores making it looks larger. Taking the care of the skin and keeping pores clean can prevent or reduce large pores on nose.

Nutrition also plays an important role in the size of your pores. The proof on how you feed your body is having a glowing skin. Eating excessive oily and fatty foods would produce excessive oil added that skin is not taken care it would be causing large pores. Make it a habit to eat Nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables. Limit foods rich in saturated and trans fat.

There are different  ways to cover up blackheads nose. But  never attempt to hide large pores on nose blackheads using your foundation. It only stressed out the imperfection. Same thing when using too much powder, apply only a small amount of powder on the t-zone of the face . Avoid using gel or cream unless it dries easily. You can use bright powder blush as long as it matches your skin and make up. Dark skin tone is less to show imperfection that an even skin tone.

There are several foundations and concealer you can choose from but make sure you will choose the right color that matches your skin tone. Large pores on the face can be covered up as long as you apply the concealer correctly. For the large pores that can’t be concealed you have to follow the ways on how to treat or reduce large pores on nose treatment.

Large pores on nose treatment

The treatment starts with opening the pores using warm temperatures like taking a hot shower or steaming your face. Once the pores are warmed it would painless to take out the large pores on nose white stuff.

Large pores on noseYou can also use exfoliating products to treat large pores, you have to be careful on exfoliating your skin. When you clean your pores make sure to gently scrub or you might damage your skin. Buy or select products which is gentle on the skin to make the skin debris-free. You can use it two or three times a week. If you do not  have sensitive skin you can use over-the-counter peel. You can also use facial cream which contains benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to get rid of clogged pores nose.

The second way is using a pore nose strip application  which can help you to get rid from acne, cleanses and reduce large holes on the skin and nose, it can be used both for your face and nose. It is a small strip that you can put on the specific area that was affected. You can go to any drug store, beauty store and supermarkets to buy pore nose strips. Put the pores nose strip to wrap the part of the skin that is prone to acne and affected pores. Put the strip which has been steamed with warm water on the face, make sure you wet the area of your face where you will be placing the pore  nose strip. After placing the strip a tiny hairlike would be visible, these are the upsurge hauled from your skin pores. When unclogging the pores on your nose you can use a rag dipped in a lemon juice. You can apply lemon fruit after using the pore nose strip. Lemon fruit was composed of  antibacterial and natural components that are good at cleaning out grimes and oils on the skin.

After cleaning the pores, you can seal them by tightening the pores using cool temperatures. If hotness unlocks the pores using coldness would shut the pores.Rinse your face with cool water to close the large pores on nose or you can also rub your nose with a cold ice cube for two minutes. Cool temperature would not completely shut the pores but would tighten  the pores look much smaller. Once the skin is clean, make sure you wear sunscreen and moisturizer. Applying moisturizer will help the skin agile and elastic. Regularly visit your dermatologist. You might consider using technology on buffing away the top layer of your skin. Dermatologists suggest chemical peel, collagen stimulation and laser resurfacing to remove dead skin cells.

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